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Hi!  Welcome to my page.  I’m an orthopedic trained hand surgeon.  What does that mean?  I take care of adults and children with hand, wrist and elbow problems.  Everything from congenital birth differences to the degenerative conditions that affect our bodies as we age and all the bumps, bruises and breaks that come along the way.


People often tell me they didn’t realize how much they used their hands until they were injured.  It seems obvious but we often take for granted that we will have full, pain free use of our hands.  From getting dressed in the morning to brushing our teeth at night, nearly every moment of the day requires some use of one or both of our hands.  I understand how disruptive hand and wrist injuries are to a person’s life.  I strive to work with patients to understand their needs and activities to develop a plan to manage their condition.  My goal is not to only make a diagnosis but to understand how that problem is interrupting your life.  With that understanding, I can move forward with helping you to make a decision as to the best path forward.  Sometimes that means doing nothing, other times that means hand therapy and other times it means surgery.  Regardless of the decision, I am happy to be there with you along the way.


One of my primary goals as a physician is patient education.  Understanding the underlying condition that results in your symptoms can be extremely helpful.  Demystifying abnormal sensations can often go a long way in alleviating anxiety and fear.  I decided to create this website as a resource for my patients.  I hope to have clear and concise descriptions of the most common conditions that I see as well as answers to the most commonly asked questions about surgical procedures.  The answers to questions about surgery are what I typically recommend.  Every physician is different, so if you are not my patient, please follow your surgeons recommendations.

Medical School

State University of New York - Downstate/Brooklyn Health Science Center 
Degree: Doctor of Medicine





Lenox Hill Hospital






Thomas Jefferson University Hospital / Philadelphia Hand Center







Hospital Affiliation

                                                                                Greenwich Hospital                                 Stamford Hospital


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